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Tag Dari EV..

Ok aku sudah ditag..Awal lagi dah tau kene tag..Saje je nak tggu lama skit nak buat..Macam assignment aku jugak bila dah nak due date baru nak pegi sibuk buat..Ape tuh?Haa..Procrastination.. betul ke x eja nie? ke Procrastinating.. mana satu ni.. Ev tolong betulkan.. Bahasa Inggeris aku mmg camni..Sengal sampai urat tengkuk.. Ok start la..
Syarat-syarat Tag kali ni..

1. Bold the statement that are true to you.
2. Italicize the statement that you wish were true.
3. Leave the rest alone
4. then tag 10 people to do the same test..

My name is Muhammad Safie.. (Neo is my nickname)
I always did procrastinating in every work..
I am am not a good person (Try to be good )
I now live in Malacca right now.
I have my own vehicle.
I really need money to pay my Universities fee right now.
I am 22 going to be 23
I am student at UTeM
I am studying Mechatronic Engineering
I was work as technician production before.
Need more money.
Like to hear on Hitz.FM
Wish to have Nikon D90.. Anyone?? buy me one..
Not a smoker.
Like to have many friend..
I need enough sleep.
Pointer not so good. Still under 3..
Married? Later ok..
Blogging is my hobbies..
Not addicted to FB anymore, now spend much time on Blog and GB
Wish to have sister..
Only have a brother.
Love my family always.
Used to be on Forex (Foreign Exchange Technic)
Man Utd fan
Hate drink milk.
Love to sing.
Like not too spicy food..
Still didn't do my ST Cad project
Love to see others happy
Always cannot create new idea.
Loves horror movie.
Enough for today.

Now need to tag another 10 person.
1) Sonnet
2) Kilogram
3) iLaH
4) Ellis
5) Cik Epal
6) Cik Paro
7) Aina

Lagi 3 orang aku spare kat sape2 yang inginkan sangat diri mereka untuk ditag..Ada 3 lagi tiket tag..sape nak leh roger..

Selamat untuk korang..

2 Response for the "Tag Dari EV.."

  1. ni lagi sorg..tak add link ak kat ngn teammate..ggrrrrrr

  2. Anonymous says:

    nnt try buat yer..

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