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Long time no see.. What happen here?

Since I'm working, My all spend time to working.12 hour at factory. Fixed machine and do report.Everyday just the same. Anyway, sometime i feel bored also. but what can i do. this what we call "routine". Something that we do the same thing everyday. Pressure and resposibilities on job still have. Now time to focus on my career or future.

Shock to me when I entered my own blog all ber'sawang' here and there. What a mess. Haha.. just kidding. Seem this blog has been "ditinggalkan". Ahakz..

Well, now my life just like that. Wake up early in the morning. take a bath then prepare to do job. 8p.m go back my room then slept after eat. What a life.

Last week I buy PS2.. Just te release my tension. Play with PS2 can make me just go through time. Since our global economy not so good, the factory seem like to be bancrupt.Oppss... Hope so not.. so i got many holiday. take this oppotunity as my time to rest.

But resting at home playing Ps2 and eat then sleep, still bored. Haih... How to make this life more interesting? Any idea..

Last month my Hp broke. i lost all my friend number. waaa...
Anyone.. Please update ur phone number to me since i cannot remember all yours numbers except the special one..Haha..

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